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What Is Short Term Incentive Administration? HRsoft.
Featured White Papers. What Is Short Term Incentive Administration? 06 Nov What Is Short Term Incentive Administration? Posted at 1200h: in Blog by Cheryl VanOrnum. Short term incentive administration refers to the awards given in a time period of up to one year.
Long-term incentive plan Wikipedia.
Long term incentive plan or LTIP is a type of executive compensation that typically comes in the form of performance shares or matching shares of the company. In the United States, these plans were used heavily since Internal Revenue Code Section 162m passed, which permitted deductions for certain performance-based compensation without limitation.
Short-term incentives.
Board of Directors. Fortums short-term incentive scheme STI, i.e. bonus system, supports the realisation of the Groups financial performance targets, sustainability targets, values and structural changes. The system ensures that the performance targets of individual employees align with the targets of the division and the Group.
Short-Term Incentive Plan.
Crawford Company's' 2008 Short-Term Incentive Plan STIP is one component of the total compensation of individuals who are vital to the overall success of the company Company. The STIP is not intended to be governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ERISA, as either a welfare benefit plan or a pension plan. It is intended to be a bonus program as such term is defined in the regulations under ERISA at 29 C.F.R.
Short Term Incentive Sample Clauses.
During the term of this Agreement, Executive will be eligible to receive annual short term incentive payments in such amount and in such form as may be approved by the Company Board, in its sole discretion, based upon the recommendation of the Compensation Committee.

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